Raw 3 AM outlet

The church bells muffled piercing convictions and fears as sails sailed to horizon. The sky and ocean surfaces, in a kairos, engaged in a dance of deception, a loop. Their ends and limits unable to be differentiated by the naked eye as they stroke the same color in a pallet. Everyone in that harbor knew that the decreasing in size ship would not return ashore. Its mark of destination or direction was in neither map nor compass. Our instruments were faulty and limited for we could neither box nor ascertain it with tinkers nor trinkets of false reassurance in understanding of observer. It surpassed north and south, west and east and circling it on a piece of paper was impossible. For it lied where the naked, yet somnolent eyes of man could not see but the naked human could fathom, only and only when stripped of all attire and self. Only when man saw himself as man, with no watch nor compass, no pistol nor wallet, no pride nor haecceity, only then could his corrupted eyes cleanse. Only then could his baffled mind unfold to its 6th sense. Our protracted corruption will ooze into the ocean as we jump one by one. The waves will be pierced with blades of the same material as we chase our explorer representative’s chamber. Our goal, to assist and enroll into sight-seeing. And it is this very sight-seeing which lead us, self-entitled delusional specks of dust into splitting ourselves from the Earth. We can be observers but we can never not belong to the waves and the wind. Just like the horizon we share the pastel tints of soul as the sky and seven seas and all there is to see. And shadows are playmates of projected purity meant to soothe our aching eyes. Only when we’ve seen all we needed see, will we realize we cannot colonize Earth. We realize we are not deities dwelling in dells but instead we are thread. Thread woven by the caring yet nonchalant silken fingers of the wind. We will walk these paths again and not dirty them.  We will belong and absorb, observe and behold in abundance to cure our recurring ambiguity, loneliness, fecklessness, curiosity, ego, importance and ignorance. And then we’ll open our eyes.


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