Random thoughts about identity #1


You know, I really feel like in modern times, a personality being both an end result of growth and a potential target of adulation/ridicule results in the process collapsing upon itself. When faced with conscious decisions regarding personality, many have settled and thus decided to conform, out of apathy, insecurity, and many more reasons. They’ve chosen to conform. What many people are not aware of, however, is that conformity does not derive from nor does it equal elimination. The molding of a trait (of one’s own personality) does not remove or replace it, it simply drowns it, in turn drowning you with it. This is where I get pseudo-philosophical instead of factual but bear with me! To receive praise (or the negative equivalent) on such a trait will not translate to approval (or the negative equivalent). It will not steer, aid nor allow your exposure to the world. Such manipulation of one’s persona will stunt one’s growth, hence a collapse ensuing, instead of an intertwining of growth and active, aware pursuit.At the end of the day, after all the voices will have been drowned, the one that’s left is the one that’s been pushed WAY down, the one you’ve turned a blind eye (deaf ear?) to. Conforming will not have eliminated the quirks and desires, aspirations and cries whose existence you deny. And the praise you receive on the human you pretend to be will never be approval. But maybe that’s a good thing.If your counterfeit persona was validated and peer-reviwed then you would clutch to its image and take it to your deathbed. But how can you die if you never really lived? Would you bring the relic of malaise to your funeral?


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