A three-dimensional love in two two-dimensional lovers.

I am a firm believer in privacy, especially in such areas. Attraction is intimate. Intimacy is a link, a fissure in the air between two people whose eyes are the only bodies to have fallen in. Exposure is unnecessary and as quantum physics has taught us all, observation affects phenomenon. Even if the phenomenon is our thoughts. I am a firm believer in compatibility, that a persons worth is a sham idea. What even is worth? My lover stands on no scale of one to ten and neither do I nor anyone walking these streets. I am a firm believer in clutching to both the known and the unknown and all it is about your body that steers you into the arms of another soul’s body. I believe in different tempos. I believe in the reincarnation of enticement by the mirror and the eyes and only the mirror and the eyes. That beauty only lies in the eyes of the beholder and that art can only be judged by the artist. I believe that attraction is a beautiful secret, an element of divinity lurking on Earth undercover. Purity and ethereal links that have yet to be formed, hidden under layers of collarbones and witty lines, with big eyes as their disguise. A vague smile under dim light, a sly curling of the lips as words escape and clash with my own unspoken ravings. And that is not something to be shared. Ever. Not even with your partner(s). That link, that divine chain from your bones to theirs, serving as a rope to catapult your soul halfway around the world while your body moves about its daily regimen, shaken and in awe of the passing stars. Linking your body to one-another, its an out-of-body experience as interlocked hands with intertwining fingers curl up, each in a voyage of eternal turns to make ends meet in star-crossed paths. You both feel out of this world yet both lie within it as embodiments of bits of it, yet you’ve both been to galaxies and starry seas while staring right into and through each-others eyes. You’ve both been to Heaven and back in a blink of an eye, the blink being what stopped your train of thought from here to there, from now to forever and beyond. And all you’ve got to show for it, is this world’s placebo of gratitude. A silken brush of all you are. A silken brush of two souls crammed into one existence, a clashing of colors of two souls of poly-chromatic lenses in colorblind bodies in a colorblind world. A three-dimensional love in two two-dimensional lovers.


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