The clocks hands struck 12 and
met me again tonight. I was running late
and hurrying to get inside.

On my way home, there is a market
which looks like a glass cottage.
A few years ago some guys robbed it.
My neighborhood isn’t very safe.
I stood, and watched, and did nothing
as they shattered the glass and stock
gushed out the opening.

I always give the glass a strike
as I pass by. This midnight was the same.
A few shards landed on my feet and a dog heard.

He leapt and jumped and shook about,
perpetually landing his two front paws
on my chest. He wouldn’t let me go
and I had to stroke his head.

My phone was ringing and my hand was bleeding.
My one working earbud kept getting in the way.
The dog wouldn’t stop hugging me and I couldn’t
grow angry with him in sight.

My parents eventually stopped calling. Music
started shuffling on my phone and the sad song
came on.

It was almost 1 AM and I was
drenched in blood and sweat.
The sad song was playing on my
one working earbud,
but I wasn’t crying in bed.
I was laughing instead.


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