A sun that cannot set

I think I know what it means
to miss someone or something.

I do know you can’t miss
you never had
or who
you never knew.

after dealing
with this absence of feeling
for quite for some time,
it wouldn’t be a crime
to describe my longing with

Those late nights
when I’d lay in bed
with empty hallucinations
of places I’d never been to,
of people I’d never met,
and of feelings I’d never had.

They are things my eyes do not know
but my heart does
and that’s why my mind is in such a state.

A state of sorrow and humdrum.

A state of longing
for something whose time passed
long ago.

A path I missed out on;
a train I didn’t catch;
a feeling I’ve never known;
a sun that cannot set.


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