I’ve always hated all
my irrational fears
constricting motion.

The way I cower at
every step outside of
my comfort zone.

But this time, I’m glad that
I didn’t take that step.

I’m glad I’m scared of heights.


3 thoughts on “Pace

  1. E.L.Kross says:

    Fear binds you to human constrictions. I don’t know wether that’s a good thing or not.

    Emotional balance, tranquility never really translated to more than ennui in spilled ink.

    Though both these points are slightly pretentious, this piece of writing is old and from…”darker” days. Darkest before dawn, fortunately :). Though for me daylight has been a pursuit of happiness rather than a stumbling upon it. Nevertheless I cannot complain.

    Oh, and would it be to much to ask for you to not call me sir? I’d prefer more gender-neutral terms. Guy is sometimes okay if you’re struggling with synonyms but I’d appreciate it if gender-specific terms weren’t applied to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • psychopathsgetbored28 says:

      Good or not, in my opinion fear is a sediment of the insecurities that we have – sometimes unknowingly too – that we are always in a process of getting over with. I suppose that’s a struggle that comes naturally which again is both saddening and debatable.
      I’d say it’s been the same for me too. There are some who can make balance sound desirable but I have convinced myself that that doesn’t come instinctively to them.

      I’ve never been more relieved to see that yellow smiling face.

      There’s only one statement by my Strategy Management professor that has struck me (I usually stare at the chalks for 90 minutes) – “A business should never go after profit it should pursue the factors that lead to profit.” I think it’s the same with happiness.
      I presume that writing makes you happy and I am glad you’re doing that – ’cause people like me learn something new every time you spin words. 🙂

      Sure. Apologising would seem too spurious so I’ll simply thank you for telling me that. Makes me feel like I matter. Thank you. Take care.


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