The rivers here glisten in the sun.
They look like stars from a distance.

But, they’re ice cold and travel almost the speed of light
The flowers have their glacial pastel colors from a time they dared to be delicate.
They can stretch for miles but choose to fold their petals into just enough sharp angles from a round moon root.

And the volcanos are covered with grass.
And when I lift my arms to stretch, the cold wind bites my bare stomach

And the rocks are covered with moss.
And when I pull up the hem of my pants, bugs fly to my bare shins.

And I hate insects but I don’t mind nature taking over.

And I hate death but maybe drowsiness is in our blood.
Like when you sleep deeply and someone asks if you slept well but you only remember the few seconds before your eyes closed and make a decision based on that.

I guess life is just those few seconds.

And what good is a nap, if you dont get to REM?

If your eyes arent going crazy with motion and trying to see all they can in this dream.
And I hate the way life takes things from us but I don’t mind this state of temporary.

And I hate insects but I dont mind nature taking over.


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