Let it pass. You’ll be okay.

Let the pain of these past few days
or weeks or months
pass by.

Let the sharp edges of your anger
be dulled
by time.

Let them be
by nostalgia.


2 thoughts on “Let it pass. You’ll be okay.

  1. psychopathsgetbored28 says:

    Nostalgia is a funny thing, ain’t it? Suffocating but oh the comfort it offers at times…only for the worse in the long term though. Just my opinion. (Feels necessary to add that after everything i type or say).
    “Let the sharp edges of your anger
    be dulled
    by time.”
    A brilliant line. ^ ❤


    • E.L.Kross says:

      Hey! I have not heard from you in such a long time. Thank you for taking the time to reach out. And thank you for the feedback. I always take your compliments very seriously, you’re an amazing poet yourself. I’ve mostly moved to a tumblr account with the very same name. If you also have a tumblr, add me! I recently hosted an open mic slam poetry event and after I finish cutting the vids, I have about 5 videos of poems to post. I’m glad I’m back and I’m glad to find you here 💛💙💛💙💛


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