2017 looks a lot like history

It fucks me up to think that
we only measure time
from when we decided
to start counting it.

That if we started counting from the exact time of Earth’s creation,
this saturday might technically
be a thursday.

February might have already passed.

That picture I took of the moon earlier
has a date written on it
that might not belong to that night.

And isn’t that
fucked up?

That we started counting
without knowing what the start was?

That when Jesus was born,
we called that time “zero”.
Called it year zero and
every year after that had a number?
How every second after that
was a second away
from the time this man’s existence
was a first?

And I laugh to myself.

How in 2017, I still see articles with titles like:
“first black woman to ever…”
“first transgender woman to ever…”
“first muslim woman to ever…”
“first woman to ever…”

How we call the time before these “firsts”:
even though history clearly shows there was plenty before them.

History clearly uses BC,
as in,
Before Christ,
as in,
before zero.

History clearly calls BS,
as in,
on your prejudice.

But apparently,


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