Books I like



  1. “Quiet” Susan Cain
  2. “Innocence” Dean Koontz.
  3. “Kafka on the Shore” Haruki Murakami
  4. “Watchers” Dean Koontz
  5. “Made You Up” Francesca Zappia
  6. “Tonight I Said Goodbye” Michael Koryta
  7. “Six of Crows” Leigh Bardugo
  8. “Damned” Chuck Palahniuk
  9. “Invisible Monsters” Chuck Palahniuk
  10. “The Lunar Chronicles” Marissa Meyer
  11. “All The Light We Cannot See” Anthony Doerr
  12. “Salt To The Sea” Ruta Sepetys
  13. “Mr. Vertigo” Paul Auster


  1. “1984” George Orwell
  2. “The Picture of Dorian Gray” Oscar Wilde
  3. “The Time Machine” H.G.Wells
  4. “The Seawolf” Jack London

Childhood favorites:

  1. “The Secret Garden” Frances Hodgson Burnett
  2. “White Fang” Jack London
  3. “Bad Girls” Jacqueline Wilson

Favorite Poems:

  1. “Roses and Rue” Oscar Wilde
  2. “I died for beauty – but was scarce” Emily Dickinson
  3. “Alone” Edgar Allan Poe
  4. “Annabel Lee” Edgar Allan Poe
  5. “Black Privilege” Crystal Valentine
  6. “Another Rape Poem” Brenna Twohy
  7. “The Heartbreaker Poem” Bianca Phipps

Not a big fan of short stories, but I absolutely adore “William Wilson” by Edgar Allan Poe.


Tim McIlrath, lead singer of Rise Against, activist, and among other things, songwriter. His writing is extraordinary.