Epilogue for Mr. Vertigo (fanfiction)

He took a deep breath wrinkled with fatigue from old age and was pleasently surprised to find that not much concentration was needed to float.

He lifted himself off the ground, left through the bedroom window and levitated to the clear blue sky as college students below left their fries and aimed their phone cameras at him.

He left his home town behind. He remembered most of his Wonder Boy days and flew over each city whose crowds he once inebriated amusement and hope. He thought he could hear the people shouting, and he saw them when he looked down.

Walt could not hear what they were yelling but it wasnt his name. They did not remember him. He was glad.

And so he went, this speck of dust floating with the wind, levitating yet orbiting the Earth as if by gravitational pull, he at last halted over the Pacific Ocean and made one last hustle for the sky.

The oxygen grew rarer and he was growing tired.
“Just a bit higher,” he pleaded and went up.

And when he let his body sag in the atmosphere, the shot of pain embraced and engulfed and froze his entire body.

Merely a second after the agony began, he felt consciousness slipping out of him.  “Thank you” whispered Walt the Wonder Boy.

And he fell from the sky.